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Enjoy a Complete Tokyo Experience
Tokyo is the perfect place for fun and shopping. Once you've arrived in Tokyo, it's impossible to leave empty-handed. Visitors can shop at 100-yen stores or the trendy Omotesandō for quality local or world-class products. Other super popular items that you shouldn't miss include Japanese anime and manga, games, CDs, and electronics. From large shopping malls to department stores, you'll find everything you could possibly want and more. With countless hot brands to shop from, your only regret will be that your wallet isn't deep enough. Whenever you feel tired or hungry from shopping, there are more delicacies from all over the world than you could ever eat. You can choose from popular restaurants always lined with crowds, or century-old eateries specializing in food from the Edo period. From reasonably priced ramen noodles to top-grade sushi, how are you going to formulate your plan of attack, and what are you in the mood for?
In addition to shopping and enjoying delicious food, Tokyo is also a great city for family fun! With the largest Disney Resort in Asia as well as the biggest zoo in Japan, from amusement parks filled with adorable cartoon characters to futuristic science halls, Tokyo is an enormous paradise for children. Kids can enjoy unlimited fun while being inspired to learn. Of course, Tokyo is also the perfect place for studying architecture. With continuous rebuilding and development, the city's skyline keeps changing in the blink of an eye. From fancy boutique flagship stores and housing complexes to museums, the meticulously conserved traditional architecture and the juxtaposition of new and old classics creates an amazingly attractive landscape.
If you come to "downtown" Tokyo, you'll come across old alleys and temples from the Edo period; the unique traditional atmosphere will make you feel as if time has stopped. Everything has been quietly preserved, exuding a unique traditional air. From historic shops to temples, modern art to classical Japanese culture, Edo-style gardens to flower viewing spots, different characteristics are showcased as the seasons change; the beauty of nature and culture is truly worth savoring.
Sapporo: Metropolitan Travel in the North
In the green metropolis of Sapporo, you can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of this capital of the north. A special feature of Sapporo is "Metropolitan Travel". Within walking distance of Sapporo Station, you can reach a great number of tourist attractions, cultural parks and shopping/food districts. For examples, places like the Sapporo Station underground shopping mall, which connects to everywhere and everything; the Sapporo Clock Tower and Former Hokkaidō Government Office, both still reminiscent of Western flavor; Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade, the perfect place to get souvenirs for friends; Susukino, the district that never sleeps, full of every cuisine imaginable; Ōdōri Park, verdant and filled with elegant statues and water fountains… each location proudly showcases the unique style of Hokkaido.
Starting from Sapporo, the gateway to and largest city in Hokkaido, other familiar tourist attractions in the region include Otaru, Lake Tōya, and Hakodate located at the southern tip of the island; these are the most common destination for visitors who are visiting Hokkaido for the very first time. In Otaru, you can walk along the canal, stroll old streets and taste a variety of sushi; by Lake Tōya, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and take a dip in the world-famous lakeside hot springs; and while in Hakodate, the third-best night scenery in the world and European-style sloped roads make for memories worth treasuring.
It is just as fun and exciting to talk about the food in Sapporo; delicacies such as Sapporo style miso ramen, Genghis Khan Japanese barbecued lamb, and soup curry all originated in Sapporo. Of course, they also offer plenty of sushi, kaisendon (seafood over rice), and other traditional meals. Hokkaido is also known as the "Kingdom of Agriculture"; its rich soil helps fruits and vegetables to grow big, sweet and fresh. The vast area of open land has led to well-developed dairy farming, and with the abundance of fresh seafood available, it's only natural that these premium quality ingredients have become the basis of Hokkaido's food culture. You will notice hundreds of restaurants and izakayas when walking around the city streets in Sapporo. The delicious, authentic flavors will satisfy every gourmet traveler.
Bali, a Paradise for Tourists
Relaxing under a blue sky, next to the azure ocean; enjoying a spa treatment in the jungle; shopping in countless unique shops; enjoying a candle-lit dinner on the beach — you can make all these dreams come true in Bali!
Music, dancing, drawing, sculpture, architecture, drama, and poetry from the region are all deeply influenced by its unique traditions. Also, in addition to the elegant and beautiful landscapes, visitors will love the sincere and friendly personalities of the local people. With the establishment of many world-class luxury hotels on the island, Bali's average living standard and level of comfort is ranked among the world's best. It's worth it to arrange for exquisite accommodations at least once, to make your vacation even more perfect!
The best attractions in Bali include Kuta, the first tourist development, and Nusa Dua, known as an enclave of 5-star resorts. To the south, you'll find plenty of water activities. In recent years, however, development has moved north; Legian, Seminyak, and Kerobokan are now the most fashionable choices. Jimbaran is famous for fresh seafood, and the most popular attraction is BBQ by the sea before the sunset. In Ubud, the unique atmosphere of arts and culture, and the elegant views, are captivating. If you want to explore further, you can visit the central, eastern, northeastern, northern, and northwestern regions to experience stone carving, batik wax dyeing, crafting silver accessories, and wood carving. You will also get to see the volcanic terrain, terraced fields, and other landscapes. You can participate in water activities such as rafting, diving, and dolphin-watching. Or you can tour holy temples and historic monuments to have a direct personal experience of the island's religious and cultural aspects. For visitors who are interested in ecotourism or history and culture, the island provides completely different experiences.
Whether it's the local climate, folklore, friendly people, hotels, spas, shopping, or food, everything in Bali is worth spending some time to explore further. Once you've lingered here a while, you'll want to come back again and again, because Bali is truly a most unforgettably beautiful vacation paradise.
Bangkok, the Golden City of Warm Smiles
As soon as someone mentions Bangkok, the image most people have is of a golden city filled with excitement! You will want to see every detail in the magnificent Grand Palace, and you'll find something fun and exciting in every corner of the markets. In recent years, Bangkok's culture and creative industry has received recognition from all over the world in terms of product design. No matter whether it's furniture, home furnishings, stationery, clothing, or accessories, visitors simply cannot resist the buy things and bring it all home! Thai cuisine is famous throughout the world; the tropical sweet and sour flavors are loved by many. Seafood, pad thai noodles, glass noodle soup… you'll want to try them all!
Bangkok is a city with a dense population and countless towering skyscrapers. Each year, there are new tourist hotels, shopping centers, and commercial office buildings opening for business. Thai people have great respect for tradition and royalty; as a result, ancient temples and monuments throughout Bangkok have been preserved in great condition. And the great local cuisine is always enticing. All this, plus the smiles of the Thai people, have made Bangkok much-beloved by tourists, and kept its place as the best travel destination in the world. The interconnected MRT and subway systems, the BRT system, the airport expressway, and the traditional canals make Bangkok quick and easy to get around!
If the traffic is too congested, no worries — just take a boat! A boat ride down the Chao Phraya River will take you past the Grand Palace, Wat Pho (the Temple of the Reclining Buddha), Wat Arun (the Temple of Dawn), and many other historical attractions to let you see a different side of Bangkok. If you wish to visit some of the nearby cities, the closest beach is to the east, in the city of Pattaya. In addition to water activities, street-side seafood restaurants, and open-air bars, Pattaya also offers a great nightlife scene. In you decide to travel south, you'll arrive in Hua Hin, the royal family's favorite vacation destination. Take a leisurely look through the amazing floating market, find a spa hotel to stay the night in, and give yourself an opportunity to relax body and mind!







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