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Customer Service Hotline

China Airlines offers convenient schedule, with routes extending to the major cities in the North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Starting from your initial reservation, China Airlines provides you with the best and most convenient service.

新世纪澳门娱乐官网When you make your reservation with China Airlines, you can choose from Bussiness Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class. Simply inform us of the date and destination of your journey and provide us with your full name, nationality and telephone number and we will immediately give you complete reservation information. Moreover, we will provide you with a computer code number of your reservation which will speed up the process while changing your schedule.

新世纪澳门娱乐官网Customer Service Hotline

Customer Service Hotline
StationTelephone NumberOffice hour
International / Taipei(Taiwan) 412-9000
Mon-Fri (GMT+8) 08:00~18:30
Sat, Sun, Public Holiday (GMT+8) 08:30~17:30
Japan+81-3-6378-8855Daily (GMT+9) 09:00~12:00,13:00~17:30
Hong Kong+852-2868-2299Mon-Fri (GMT+8) 08:30~18:30
Sat, Sun, Public Holiday (GMT+8) 08:30~17:00
China+86-400-888-6998Daily (GMT+8) 08:30~17:30
North America+1-800-227-5118Mon-Fri (GMT-8/PT) 6:00~18:00
Sat, Sun, Public Holiday (GMT-8/PT) 07:00~15:30
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